Our History

Brunswick Distributing Company has been in business in Brunswick, Missouri since the late 1800’s.  In 1884 the company was called Wm. Osterman & Co. The “& Co.” was a silent partner whose name was Louis Kinkhorst.  Back then they were known as an Agent to Anheuser-Busch, but they also had the ice house where they sold block ice around Chariton County.

In 1905 Ludwig Kinkhorst, Louis Kinkhorst’s son bought the company from his father and Mr. Osterman. From 1905 to 1920 Ludwig Kinkhorst sold products offered at the time by Anheuser-Busch, he operated a small locker and ice house and he sold coal.  In 1920, Prohibition began and they began to offer alternative products such as ginger ale, malt syrup, malt nutriene and a non-alcoholic beverage called Bevo.

Prohibition ended in 1933 and Kinkhorst began selling beer again; he also bought the Coca Cola franchise for Carroll and Chariton Counties and officially changed the company’s name to Brunswick Bottling Company. Between the years of 1941-1946 during the 2nd World War, Bunswick Bottling Company sold whatever beverages they could get due to the shortage of all beers at the time.  They started bottling soda style beverages called Brunswick Quality Flavors, which included strawberry, chocolate, grape, orange and black cherry.  

In 1955 August A. Busch Jr. made the famous rail-car circuit around the country asking these Agents of Anheuser-Busch to become Exclusive Wholesalers of only Anheuser-Busch Products.  Ludwig Kinkhorst would tell the story that he wasn’t really sure why he agreed to become exclusive to Anheuser-Busch, because at the time the Budweiser brand was what sat in the corner of the warehouse and collected dust. At that time he made the decision to get rid of all other endeavors, except Anheuser-Busch beers, Coca Cola and the Brunswick Flavors, and he still sold coal. It is interesting to note that in 1957 Anheuser-Busch became the largest Brewer in the world.  

In 1960 Lonnie Tate went to work for Ludwig Kinkhorst as a delivery man and eventually became his right hand man - his trusted eyes and ears due to Ludwig’s failing health.  Lonnie eventually became General Manager of Brunswick Bottling Company.  By 1967 Ludwig decided to sell off his Coca Cola franchise and the company name changed to Kinkhorst Brunswick Distributing Company.  

Ludwig Kinkhorst died in 1971 and left percentages of the business to five different people one of which was Lonnie Tate.  Lonnie continued to work in the General Manager capacity and in 1980 the company was moved to its new location east of Brunswick, where it is still located today.  In 1984 Lonnie and his wife Jerry succeeded in buying out the last partners in the business and became sole owners and operators of Kinkhorst Brunswick Distributing.  Still to this day the company services over six counties, which include Chariton, Carroll, Lafayette, Saline, Howard and Linn, it also has two towns in Ray county.  

In 1998 Lonnie and Jerry Tate sold the business to three of their children, Ron Tate, Shelly Tate Kussman and Tessa Tate-Mauzey.  Upon Ron's death in 2012, Shelly and Tessa dually bought the company and are now co-owners and operaters. Brunswick Distributing Company still sells Anheuser-Busch products,  but has added a Non-Alcoholic division, in which we offer things like Monster Energy Drinks, Dads Root beer, Nestle milk, Juicy Juice products, Sparkling Ice, and Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers.

Brunswick Distributing, as it is known today, still follows their simple customer service statement, which is as follows: Always striving toward excellence, respect, and courtesy for your customers while providing the best possible service. As an ever changing world forces us to be an ever changing company we still pride ourselves on having the best customer service bar none.   Featured in the downtown store, owned by Tessa and Shelly, Plantation UpRiver Antiques, we have a Budweiser Booth.  This booth features great items such as hats, t-shirts, and much more!

We are blessed to have wonderful employees, our Operations Manager Eric Kinkhorst , our Sales Execution Coordinator  Kirk Gunn, and our Territory and Team Manager  Butch Wiseman  all who have been with us  over 25 years. We have many other employees who make our business run smoothly, they include Route Accounting/Data Specialist Kelly Hawkins, Fleet Manager Cookie Spangler. Our Salesman are Jeff Adams, Kraig Richeson, Chase Young, and Jason Maag. Our Delivery staff includes Tyler Linebaugh, Adam Reichert, Noah Shannon, and Chad Duncan.  We have two 'floating' salesmen; Austin Schreiderer and Dylan Fainter.  Our Sales staff for our Non-Alcohol division is Aaron Schreckhise. Merchandiser is David Goosey, and our Marketing and Graphics specialist is Jaymie Heishman.  Warehouse Manager is Andrew Harper. 

Our company is very involved in area community service projects and has been a member of the Marshall Chamber of Commerce for a very long time.  We hope to continue to be a very involved company in all our territory and hope to grow our business by always striving to meet our mission statement “Building on our Tradition of Excellence through Teamwork, Friendship, and Customer Service.  



Home to Kinkhorst Brunswick Distributing Company since 1980.