Draft Equipment Rental Rates


Delivery available in PA only York, Adams, Franklin & Fulton Counties.

Call Vicki 717-757-3515 Ext 234 to order beer and equipment for your event.

Keg truck   $125  (max of 50 kegs)   

Keg Trailer     $125

Small - Up to 12 kegs
Medium - Up to 18 kegs
Large - Up to 24 kegs

Keg Carts     $65  

Fits one keg and ice
Keeps keg very cold for hours and is very easy to use!

Boxes     $35

Coolers      $10 per cooler

We have many different types and sizes of coolers to fit your needs!

Tubs     $10 per tub

Picnic Taps     $10 per tap



**These prices DO NOT include the price of beer. For beer prices please inquire when calling to schedule your party.

**Equipment gets booked very quickly, so please call as soon as possible to book your party!