Brown Distributing and Anheuser-Busch are opposed to underage drinking and supports prevention by providing resources to parents, retailers and educators. Underage drinking is a serious issue – but tremendous progress has been made through sound educational programs and rigorous enforcement of the law.
We’ve developed and supported community-based programs that help parents talk with their children about drinking; help retailers educate their employees on how to properly check I.D.s and prevent sales to minors; remind adults not to provide alcohol to minors; assist schools in building self-esteem among teens; and support law enforcement officials in enforcing the law.

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Underage Drinking Prevention Programs:

Each spring, Brown Distributing encourages local schools to apply for their Project Graduation Grant.  The grant helps to fund post graduation drug-free and alcohol-free events for seniors.  Previous grant recipients include:  Anderson High School, Connally High School, LBJ and the Liberal Arts Science Academy (LASA), Lehman High School, McNeil High School, Wimberley High School
The We I.D. program provides a variety of materials for checking and verifying valid I.D. cards to help prevent the sale of alcohol to minors.  Each year, Brown Distributing provides a variety of materials to law enforcement and retailers in the Central Texas area.
Family Talk About Drinking is an underage drinking prevention program created by Anheuser-Busch, in collaboration with MJ Corcoran, certified parenting coact.  The program was first launched over 20 years ago, but was renovated and expanced in 2011 to become a program that parents can turn to throughout the parenting process, no matter how old their kids may be.  Through the Family Talk program, Brown Distributing is able to provide materials to parents, teachers, and administrators in Central Texas, as no cost. The Family Talk Facebook page is also a great way for parents to learn more about communicating with their children about underage drinking, as well as interact with professionals and other parents.
Over the years, Anheuser-Busch has developed an incredible roster of speakers who travel across the country to speak to schools, parents, and community groups - randing in various topics suitable for different age groups.  Just within the Austin area, we bring in at least one speaker each year to do 3-6 presentations as area schools.  The presentations, as well as the travel costs for the speaker, are fully paid by Brown Distributing Company - making all the presentations complimentary to the schools.  Some of the area schools who have hosted these speakers are: Austin High School, Lake Travis High School, Pflugerville High School, Connally High School, LaGrange High School, Bastrop High School, as well as Concordia University, Texas State University and The University of Texas - Austin. 


For more information about local underage drinking programs, please contact Lindsey Bradley