It started as a dream and a hobby, and now we’re here. After homebrewing for years and dreaming of leaving the commercial world behind, a small group of friends founded Ocean Sun Brewing and made it a way of life. That dream became reality when we opened our doors in March 2016.

Located in the heart of Orlando Florida, Ocean Sun Brewing is devoted to providing a unique brewery experience and comfortable drinking environment, enhanced by great local food and live entertainment. Ocean Sun produces traditional ales and lagers with an occasional not so traditional offering. Our Head Brewer Noah Cowles firmly believes in brewing a quality “true to style” beer first and foremost. Ocean Sun staff share their passion for high-quality brews and service. Our Beer Guides are here to make great suggestions for the first time craft beer drinker and beer snob alike. Whatever your preference, hoppy, malty, light or dark, your Beer Guide will find several of our twelve taps to satisfy your palate. They will even show you around the brewery if you like. And if you get hungry we source great, local restaurants to provide you with the best our community has to offer.

 Sunny Day In Helles
  • Slightly sweet and malty with low hop bitterness and clean finish. 5.4% ABV 17 IBU

Batch 100 Hefeweizen

  • Light and refreshing citrus notes round out our milestone batch. 6.0% ABV. 10 IBU.

Freudian Lager

  • Light malt aroma and sweetness with a hint of roast and low hop bitterness. 6.4% ABV. 24 IBU.

Bumby Blonde Ale

  • Belgian blonde ale, gold in color, slightly sweet with a complex, spicy finish. 6.7% ABV. 20 IBU.

Mur De Huy

  • A malty, rich, complex full bodied Belgian Dark Strong Ale. 9% ABV. 30 IBU. 10 oz.

Buchi Beer

  • Silky smooth milk stout infused with Cuban Espresso. 5.0% ABV. 30 IBU.

Buchi Nitro
  • Silky smooth milk stout infused with Cuban Espresso. 5% ABV. 30 IBU.

Almost Level

  • American Pale Ale with grapefruit and citrus character. 5.2% ABV. 40 IBU.

Westende Nitro

  • Our hopped up spicy Belgian IPA on nitro. 7.8% ABV. 60 IBU.

Blue Bags IPA

  • Falconer's Flight Hop balanced with a golden malt backbone. 6.7% ABV. 70 IBU.


  • Bold Black IPA with plenty of citrus and pine notes paired with a roasty malt backbone. 8.9% ABV. 60 IBU. 10 oz.


  • Well balanced Double IPA full of citrus and spicy hop character. 9.7% ABV. 100 IBU.