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Helping teens make good choices is as simple as starting a conversation and back-to-school is an ideal time to talk. As a parent, you’re the greatest influence on your teen. Extend that influence by actively listening and holding your teen accountable for decisions about underage drinking. Asking open-ended questions gets your teen thinking about what they would do when and if they’re offered a drink – and the potential consequences. The Anheuser-Busch Family Talk About Drinking Facebook page provides tips for talking with children of any age about underage drinking. Learn more at

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Even though the weather is still HOT fall is here and now is the time to try some of our great pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers!  Here are some great ones to choose from:

Goose Island Oktoberfest      Widmer Oktoberfest   

Blue Point Oktoberfest     Beck's Oktoberfest   

Victory Festbier      Shock Top Pumking   

Red Hook Pumpkin      Magic Hat Scream    

Southern Tier Pumking      Aviator Pumpkin    

Woodchuck Pumpkin      Florida Beer Pumpkin   

Southern Tier Warlock    Blue Point Pumpkin Ale


Be sure to cheer on Kevin Harvick this season!  Enjoy all the big races with an ice cold Budweiser!!