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 Exposed – Farmhouse-style Ale
Light in color and cloudy due to yeast remaining in beer, this beer is brewed with oats, malted barley and wheat to create a classic old world style ale, lightly spiced with Noble European hops. Easy drinking and pleasurable!
4.9% alc/vol

Hopped Up ‘n Horny – American Pale Ale
Rich in amber hue colored beer utilizing classic American Cascade hops in the kettle and dry hopped in the stage tank. A balanced malty bodied beer with a pleasant hop bite and hoppy aroma, this will leave your mouth just dry enough to ask for another, and another…

Horny Blonde

is a light bodied elegant golden, straw colored lager with a soft white head and subtly sweet softness with a crisp, bright finish on the tongue. Low hop aroma and with medium bitterness, an all-around classic blonde. (Based on W. German Rhine Valley beer style.)
5% alc/vol


Berry Horny
Try the new formula from Brewmaster Dave!
Refreshing summer ale sweetened with real Raspberries.  
Bottles only

Watermelon Wheat
This dry ale uses real watermelon fermented throughout the brew to put a delicious twist on a classic spring wheat. 
5.5% ABV

Baby Got Bock
A Bavarian spring blonde bock beer in every sense.  A smooth malty tasting strong lager with a mouth-coating body, a touch of bitterness for balance, and an aromatically malty aroma.

This fall ale is anything but ordinary. We mash in pumpkins with 2 row, Vienna and Caramel malts for a hearty ale with just the right amount of body. Spices added to the boil create a complex yet deliciously harmonious brew. We went malt forward, with just the amount of pumpkin and spice to yield a brew we proudly describe as “Pumpkin Pie in a Bottle”.

Stacked Milk Stout

A truly classic Milk Stout, Stacked is on both the sweet and lighter side of stouts.  Roasted coffee and chocolaye notes give way to a sweet finish of the milk sugar added during the boil. 

Brownie Porter
 A sweet ale brewed with 8 different types of malt. Brown cinnamon is added to the boil, then the beer is aged on Tahitian beans and Ecuadorian Cacao Nibs for some chocolatey goodness. ABV 5.6%

Chocolate Cherry Stout