Eagle Distributing and Anheuser-Busch are pleased to offer College Talk: A Parent's Guide on Talking with your College Bound Student about Drinking. This program was developed by an advisory panel of authorities in the fields of education, family therapy, student health and wellness, alcohol treatment and social norms marketing, and through conversations with parents and students. This program is an extension of our successful program Family Talk about Drinking for parents of young children and teens. Recognizing that parents have the greatest influence on children's decisions about drinking, College Talk is designed to help parents continue communicating openly and honestly with their children about this issue as they prepare for the next phase of independence and begin life on their own.

Tackling underage drinking on college campuses and promoting responsible drinking amoung students 21 and older require a team approach: one involving parents, educators, student health and wellness coordinators, student organizations, law enforcement officials, community groups, businesses, members of the alcohol beverage industry, and many others.

At Eagle Dsitributing and Anheuser-Busch, we're working hard to do our part, not only because illegal and abusive consumption reflects poorly on our business, but more importantly, because many of our employees are parents, too. And just like all parents, we want to help our children make smart choices - from resisting negative peer pressure to respecting the law and drinking responsibly when they're of age, if they choose to drink. When it comes to addressing alcohol issues on college campuses, we all make a difference!

To Request a College Talk booklet, please contact Ellen Ballard at Eagle Distributing.

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