The Good Sport Program focuses on three areas that are key to influencing fans to act responsibly. These areas include:

*Communicating a series of messages to the public that prompt attitude changes and remind spectators of the importance of responsible behavior.

*Training for concession workers and security personnel to prevent problems before they happen. For example. "T.I.P.S. for Concessions" training enhances concession vendor skills in recognizing signs of impending intoxication in customers and responding to these situations in a non-confrontational manner.

*Implementing Safe-Ride to combat drunk-driving. Safe-Ride includes such components as designated driver and Alert Cab programs. Under the designated driver program, one person from a group attending the game volunteers to refrain from drinking alcohol and is responsible for providing transportation for the rest of the group. Alert Cab fights drunk driving by providing free or reduced cab rides home for fans. In those isolated instances where it becomes necessary, staff will encourage customers to use a designated driver to take them home or the staff will put them in a cab.

The vast majority of the thousands of fans who attend a typical game are responsible drinkers. Being a Good Sport means everyone must join together as a team to ensure that good sense and good times are one of the featured attractions.

For more information on implementing a Good Sport Program at your venue, contact Ellen Ballard.