Hoptical Illusion

This classic American style IPA features a rare hop grown exclusively on a farm in Oregon.

A generous amount of the select hop balances out the malty backbone of this delicious golden beer. Hoptical Illusion is tantalizing the tastebuds of beer lovers from Montauk to Manhattan and beyond.
The ancient Egyptians were known to stuff their pillows with freshly picked hops. They thought hops were beneficial to bringing on intensely vivid dreams. Today Blue Point Brewing Co. has created Hoptical Illusion.

We add hops to this brew 5 different ways to get the maximum hop flavor. The delicious resiny, citrus like burst of flavor you taste is the essence of the hop.

Hoptical Illusion balances the intense hop flavor with a full malt body. Is it the quintessential elixir? Or just a Hoptical Illusion.

Sweet Dreams!

Silver Medal - 2007 Australian International Beer Awards
Bronze Medal - 2006 Hudson Valley Beer & Food Festival
Bronze Medal - 2005 Great American Beer Festival
Best - 2005 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship