Victory Brewing

Gold Coast Eagle Distributing announces the acquisition of three specialty brews from the Downington, PA microbrewery, Victory Brewing Company.

Numerous awards have been bestowed upon Victory Brewing Company’s variety of offerings since the brewery’s inception in 1996. Co-founders Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski’s history together began when they met on a school bus in 1973, and became fast friends. Together, they pursued a dream to own a microbrewery and produce quality beer. Covaleski and Barchet took their passion for beer quite seriously, traveling to Germany to train in traditional German brewing techniques. The duo then brought the exacting techniques and standards they learned in Germany back to the United States. Soon after, they discovered an old Pepperidge Farm bakery, and turned it into a brewery. It was in this former bakery that Barchet and Covaleski combined their talents learned overseas, and produced a line of specialty beers. Victory Brewing Company’s beers were designed with the impassioned, creative beer drinker’s palate in mind.

“Having trained in Germany, we appreciate the artistic freedom we have here in the U.S. Here creativity is embraced by a fervent core of consumers,” states Bill Covaleski, Brewmaster and President of Victory Brewing Company, in a web-based address to his consumers.

Gold Coast Eagle Distributing will be distributing three of Victory Brewing Company’s flagship brands: Hop Devil Ale, Prima Pils, and Golden Monkey. Hop Devil Ale is an India Pale Ale with a bold and aromatic punch. Prima Pils is an elegant pilsner heaping with the flavor of whole flower hops. Golden Monkey is a Belgian style Tripel with herbal, fruity notes, delivering 9.5% alcohol by volume while maintaining a light, sparkling body.

“Our beer loving consumers have a unique tendency to want to trade up in their quest for different tastes and quality beer,” said President and Owner of Gold Coast Eagle Distributing, John Saputo. “The specialty beers that we carry have garnered a phenomenal response from the Sarasota and Manatee County communities. I expect that this trio of offerings from Victory Brewing Company will be met with equal enthusiasm.”

You may find Hop Devil or Prima Pils on tap in a local pub near you. All three brand varieties will be available in six packs of 12 ounce bottles, or single 22 ounce bottles.