In Loving Memory...

In October 2009, we lost a deeply respected and loved member of our team. Todd Hart was our Operations Manager and so much more. Words alone cannot describe the loss that we have and continue to feel from his passing.

Todd was involved in the layout and design of our new facility from the foundation up. His insight and visions were instrumental in ensuring that Gold Coast Eagle Distributing would be a fully functional distributor as well as an architecturally beautiful facility.

Beyond being our Operations Manager, Todd was a very special and respected leader within our company. With a Marine Corps background, his leadership was ever present. His high standards of quality, efficiency and dedication went well above and beyond the call of duty. He was always available to his employees and peers for advice, council and guidance.

Son, Brother, Marine, Husband, Father and Friend. We will miss him immensely and pray for his family.

Semper Fi