A Brief History of Straub Distributing

** Bud was born in St. Louis in 1914

** In 1948 Bud secured the rights to distribute Anheuser-Busch products in Orange County. The OC population was a scant 200,000

** During the first year orders were pre-sold; Bud and his 3 employees would wait for a rail car from St. Louis and deliver the 1,584 cases. Within a year, sales had grown to 3 rail cars a month!

** Over the years the company blossomed. In 1976 Straub Distributing is honored as one of the first wholesalers in the nation to sell one million cases of Michelob annually

** The very next year (1977) Budweiser becomes the #1 selling beer in Orange County

** Bud Light is introduced in 1982 into the exploding “light beer” category

** In 1998 Bud Light becomes the # 1 selling beer in The OC

** Straub Distributing moved the headquarters from the city of Orange to Tustin in late 2001. The renovated Sales/Marketing/Merchandising building boasts almost 60,000 square feet and a state of the art hospitality room with a capacity of 300 persons

** Today, Straub Distributing employs over 330 team members and is one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in America. It is a benchmark wholesaler in the ABI family!