Our story  first sees Jack Sr. selling Anheuser-Busch products in 1948 as a Branch Manager for Turner-Coffield out of Waco.  He was assigned Bell County, which at that time had a total of 180 retail accounts.  His equipment inventory used to handle this territory consisted on one pickup truck.  With his pickup, he was able to carry all three available packages:  6-pk cans, returnable bottles, and quarts.   He soon set that sales record selling from the back of that truck.


In 1958, Mr, Hilliard became on independent wholesaler for Anheuser-Busch products.  Building a warehouse distribution complex in Temple, his territory grew to include Bell, Coryelle, Miliam, and Falls counties..


With a small group of Texas wholesalers, he  went to St. Louis in 1964 to discuss with August Busch, Jr. the possibility of Anheuser-Busch opening a brewery in Texas.  The next time you visit Houston, you may want to visit the Budweiser Brewery off Interstate 10, which was a direct result of that visit.


In July 1971, the Company purchased a second distributorship located in Bryan.  For years, it was located in a small building on Dodd Street.  The business outgrew the facility and moved in 1990 to its current distribution complex in Northwest Bryan.


From the Anheuser-Busch wholesaler beginning in 1958, his son, Jack Hilliard Jr., started working with his dad as a teenager unloading box cars at the warehouse and soon moved to working full-time in the warehouse.  He worked his way through the company, learning every position.  In 1982, Jack Jr. began a term as President with his father serving as Chairman of the Board; preparing him to become the owner in 1986.


As a family of employees, Jack Hilliard Distributing continues to grow with our services from multiple locations distributing Anheuser-Busch products, along with a host of craft beers, and other beverages including Nestles, Redline, Xyience, and Evamor.


All from that simple beginning out of the back of a pickup truck…..



Jack Hilliard Distributing Company is a family owned business offering products in 42 Texas counties from Temple south to Galveston.





All this started with a record setting month 65 years ago in January 1949.....


When Jack Hilliard Sr sold 348 cases from the back of his pickup.....